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Q. What kinds of services does Obfuscate provide?
A. Obfuscate.com Technologies provides web hosting, e-mail hosting and other internet related IT services for our clients. This is our core competence!

Q. What kind of other services does Obfuscate provide?
A. In addition to the standard "Menu" of services, we also provide dedicated FTP hosting, secure e-mail and secure web hosting services. Also, we can provide almost any custom service a customer would need.

Q. Why Obfuscate.com Technologies?
A. From our technical management to out technology direction, we employ the best equipment and best practices so that we can provide the best service to our customers.

Obfuscate.com Technologies is a product of the Internet Revolution, we expect a lot from ourselves! We sell great customer support and service 1st!! We are just a phone call away - (631)-789-2676.

Q. When did you start to operate?
A. Obfuscate.com was started in 1996 as an internal web hosting group within the Bonsai Entertainment Corporation. Obfuscate.com was spun off in 1998 to be a focused, full time web hosting company!

Q. What kind of reliability do you provide?
A. Our base service provides for 99.95% uptime. Depending on the level of service you require we can provide up to 100% reliability using a combination of LSLB (Local Server Load Balancing) and GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing). We are flexible - tell us what you need!
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